morning prayer

Morning Prayer: The Race Before Us

At the starting line of this day,

we call on your name, God of grace.

As we run the race you have set before us,

help us to keep our eyes on your goals, not our own.

When we falter, give us fresh strength and courage.

When we are fleet-footed, let us give you the glory.

Keep us from wanting to win at other’s expense

or to count ourselves better than those at our side.

All runners are your children.

In the race You imagine,

each one is a winner.

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Good Morning Prayer

When a day opens
like a beautiful blank page,
I give thanks, God of my life, for time.
Time to stretch, time to curl up;
time to eat, time to digest what I’ve eaten;
time to read, time to put the book down;
time to walk, time to look at where I’m walking;
time to be alone, time to call a friend;
time to work, time to lay my work down;
time to rest, and time to feel energized from resting.
I give thanks even for this time to pray,
this poised moment at the open door of the day.
Good morning.

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A Fruitful Day

God, let this be a fruitful day!
Open our eyes to beauty.
Tune our ears to harmony.
The fragrance of your love
permeating every moment.
The touch of your hand
guiding all we do.
Tasting the delight of your presence
in the sweet ripeness of joy.

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About Carol Penner

I am a Mennonite pastor currently teaching theology at Conrad Grebel University College in Waterloo, Ontario. I’ve served congregations in Ontario and most recently, Alberta.

I love to write and to lead worship! If you are finding my writing helpful, I would love to hear from you! Feel free to use or adapt the material here, it is all written by me. If printing material, please credit “Copyright Carol Penner” (and say whether you modified it). If publishing, please contact me for permission. Contact me at

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