Event – Eternity Sunday

Death, Hope and Community: An Eternity Sunday Sermon Job 14, I Thessalonians 4:13, Romans 12:15

I was surprised to realize that in the verse that Handel used, Job was not talking about a Redeemer who would help him after death. No…Job is looking for redemption in this life. Handel’s aria uses the words of the King James Version, and Handel’s lyrics go,  “Though worms destroy this body…” I have always taken that to mean, “after we die…” But Job had some horrible skin disease, and the problem he actually had was that he had open sores with maggots in them!

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Pandemic Eternity Sunday Ritual

Eternity Sunday is a day to remember that death comes to every one of us.
Death is a constant in human existence.
For some, death comes suddenly, through an accident or sudden illness,
for others, the movement towards death is years long.
Young people sometimes die, and old people always die.
Death is hard to handle, and even very strong Christians can get the shivers
when we face the death of a loved one:
as we let go of their hands we wonder,
“God are you there?  Do you hold their hands now?  Can we trust you?”

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Eternity Sunday Call to Worship

Our call to worship is Psalm 119:50

This is my comfort in my distress,
   that your promise gives me life.

Let’s pray:
We come to worship you, God,
and we long for comfort.
In your arms, this morning,
can our distress subside?
In the name of Jesus,
you hold us as your children
and you promise us life,
life eternal, life with you.
May these promises
guide our thoughts and our prayers
this morning. Amen

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Eternity Sunday Congregational Prayer

Eternal God,
thank you for the things that do not end:
the wind swirling around the globe,
the sea rocking back and forth in its seabed,
the sun rising and setting as we spin through space.
Thank you for all the transient things we know;
the frost on the window,
the clouds in their majestic sailing beauty,
the grass that flourishes for a season and withers,
our own breath.
All this from your hands.
On this Eternity Sunday we come with grieving hearts,

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